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Who are Quantum?

As the innovators and experts of heat pump technology, Quantum has the largest range of compact heat pumps available in Australia – enabling you to select the right solution for the right application.

Our extensive range of products can service single bedroom/bathroom residences, right through to multi-level offices, hotels, motels, resorts, recreational facilities, retails outlets; and everything in between. We can tailor a solution for your needs!

Installing a Quantum solar heat pump system is also very simple and almost identical to installing a regular electric hot water system. There are no roof panels or additional components, meaning an easy, trouble-free conversion from electric hot water to sustainable and reliable solar hot water for your home.

How Does it Work?

A simple concept, brilliantly executed. The Quantum Solar Heat Pump works on a patented refrigeration principle similar to that found in an air conditioner, or refrigerator – but in reverse.

1. Sun heats the air
Heat pumps rely on ambient air temperature rather than incidental sunshine. Utilising refrigeration principles, Quantum heat pumps can extract heat from the air without the need for direct sunlight, and can produce hot water in rain, hail or shine – without the need for a booster element.

2. Energised air inducted into heat pump
Once the air is drawn into the heat pump, it passes over an evaporator containing a 100% environmentally friendly refrigerant which boils at a very low temperature. The boiling refrigerant is then compressed causing its’ temperature to be raised even further – transforming it into a superheated vapour.

3. Energy transferred to heat cold water
Using Quantum’s patented tank wrap technology; this superheated vapour is fed through copper coils (condenser) wrapped around the outside of the water tank, heating the water evenly and efficiently from the outside in.

4. Cold air expelled
Once the heat has been extracted from the air and transferred to the water; the remaining cold air is discharged from the heat pump via our fan. Once the desired water temperature is reached, the system will go into standby mode until it is required to commence reheating again – saving you more!