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Rebates vary from state to state, please enter your postcode below to find out what your government rebate could be or CALL our rebates team for expert advice on +61 2 9699 7444.

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These rebates are just the beginning of your savings. The solar technology used in our hot water system has helped reduce some household bills by over 75%. Some government rebates have been known to change overnight. Don’t miss out, call us today while rebates are still available in your area.

No panels required, easy to install. Solar without the sun! Call us now +61 2 9699 7444.

Rebates and incentives

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What are rebates? Rebates are government initiatives to help you achieve energy savings.

We have a team of experts to help you claim the maximum rebate available in your area.

Take the stress out of claiming your rebates by calling us today!

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Australia is divided up into various zones based on how much renewable energy can be generated by a product in a given area, see which zone you’re in.

Save by getting it right

It’s important you understand how your consuming energy and hot water in your home. Hot water can equate to more than 30% of your energy bills. With energy prices about to rise, find out how a quantum hot water system can start saving you money straight away on your next bill.

Which is right for me?

Quantum Energy can help you select the right product over the phone. Find out which suits your house hold and how much you can save.


Better for your bank balance

Replacing your old electric water heater with a more efficient and sustainable hot water solution may save you money and help the planet too.


Why convert to energy efficient hot water?

Reduce your carbon emissions significantly by converting from an electric storage system to a heat pump system.

Significant running costs savings (versus a standard electric hot water system) may be achieved if installing a heat pump system.

Financial rebates are available at the moment.Some of the rebates will come to an end in the next 12 months.