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  • Heat pumps are the latest technology in Solar Water Heating, and are recognised all over the world as an extremely efficient method of heating water. They use ‘free energy’ from the environment to produce hot water, but vary significantly compared to traditional solar hot water systems.
  • Traditional solar hot water heaters rely on incidental or direct sunshine to affect the heating, whilst hot water heat pumps extract heat from the surrounding air and use this energy source to heat the water.
  • The Quantum heat pump does not need direct sunshine to operate nor does it need any large roof panels; in fact for most applications the units look very similar to traditional electric hot water heaters.

A Quantum heat pump will produce hot water in all climates, and with such efficiency that your water heating bill could be slashed by up to 75%!


Heat Pumps work on a reverse refrigeration process. Think of a heat pump like a fridge, but in reverse; instead of making everything inside cold, they make everything inside hot!


1.SUN HEATS THE AIR  – This is where the Solar energy is initially created, but the air doesn’t actually need to be warm for a Quantum to extract heat from it. In fact we can extract enough heat from the air to produce hot water, even if the air temperature is -10°C.

2.ENERGISED AIR INDUCTED INTO HEAT PUMP – As the air drawn into the system, we utilise a refrigeration process to separate and extract the heat energy from the air.

3.ENERGY TRANSFERRED TO HEAT COLD WATER – This heat energy is then transferred to the water using our patented Tank Wrap Technology® heating. This heats the entire water tank from outside in, eliminating any potential for corrosion or cross contamination.

4.COLD AIR EXPELLED – as the heat has been extracted from the air and transferred to the water; the remaining cold air is then discharged from the heat pump via a fan.

Quantum Heat Pumps can produce hot water in all temperatures and climates in Australia. It’ll provide you with hot water – throughout the day, throughout the night, in rain, hail and shine….Even in snow!



Proven to be the most efficient – of all compact heat pumps in Australia. This means more hot water, faster, all whilst using less energy!


Saves Money – Using less than 25% of the electricity per hour of your conventional electric water heater, we’ll cuts up to 75% off your water heating running costs!


Performance in all climates – Our heat pumps can operate in ambient temperatures as low as minus 10°C! We can extract heat from the air day or night; rain, hail, shine and even in snow.


Australian Owned –  With our product originally developed at the University of Melbourne in the mid 1970’s, we are proudly still Australian owned!


Over 35 years of ongoing product development of our patented technology – Quantum are continuously improving our products. Our latest model are our most efficient yet, and also feature a stylish brushed aluminium and stainless steel design.


Excellent for use with poor quality water – our patented design prevents the water from making contact with any operational components, so there is nothing that it can damage or corrode Low


Noise Rating – At a noise rating of just 48db, a Quantum it is the quietest compact heat pump on the Australian Market; which is far less than that of a typical air conditioner (68db).