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What Rebates Are Available?

  • Every Quantum Heat Pump that is installed is eligible to receive a rebate under a Federal Government Small Scale Technology Certificate Scheme (STCs). For a product to be eligible, it is required to undertake independent testing to determine just how efficient it is. It is then awarded a number of energy efficiency certificates based on this result – called “STCs”.
  • The number of STCs a product is awarded is a direct representation of how much energy the system will save over a 10 year period, compared to a conventional electric water heater. The higher the STC rating, the more efficient the system, and the more you’ll save in electricity.
  • Quantum’s most popular 270L and 340L models have each been awarded the highest STC value of all compact heat pumps, across all regions in Australia. This means they’ve been deemed to save you more electricity each year than any other heat pump !
  • Once installed, the STCs your product is awarded are also redeemable for a cash rebate through Quantum – meaning you’ll not only get the benefit from ongoing energy savings, but you’ll also receive cashback (or an upfront discount) to save energy by switching to Quantum!
  • If you live in Victoria, there is also an additional State Government program whereby eligible installations are awarded Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs), also redeemable for a cash rebate. If you qualify – you could be eligible for 2 rebates!

Reduction of energy costs and associated reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, whilst delivering a true life cycle energy analysis cost below that of traditional units, makes the Quantum Energy hot water heat pumps an ideal choice.